Adam, April 29 2019

Memory Afternoon | Crazes

This was an afternoon filled with laughter when friends gathered at Enoch House in Colchester for another Memory Afternoon from The Warm & Toasty Club. Johnno Casson, in his ebullient role of facilitator, shared a story with the group that culminated in a hilarious punchline. This set the tone for the rest of the afternoon which was ostensibly about 'crazes'; the fads and obsessions that were prevalent when people were younger.

Among some of the memories was the schoolyard games that people use to pay like 'stick in the mud' and 'cat's cradle'. There were memories of collecting pictures to fill up a scrapbook or the ever popular football cards and stickers.

The conversation soon moved onto the various sweet treats from peoples past. Sherberts, liquorice and candy sticks. There were also memories of the fake cigarettes you could get form the joke shops. Something today's generation will have no memory of, but in days gone past you could go to your local joke shop and get paper sticks which looked like cigarettes which you could blow into and a puff of powder would come out to simulate the smoke.

There were stories of the childish games that people played like the impishly exhilarating 'Knock Down Ginger' where children would knock on the door of a stranger and run away before being caught. Many percipients had memories of the empty streets before cars took over. In the days of yore, people could be out on the roads and play with less fear that a car would interrupt them.

Memories are only part of what The Warm & Toasty Club does during these sharing afternoons at Enoch House, part of the remit is to give the percipients great entertainment which this time around was the turn of Suffolk folk singers the 'Harbour Lights Trio'. They continued the joy, laughter and merriment of the day by presenting a selection of new songs, some of which instigated honest belly laughs.

Could there be a better way to spend a Friday afternoon than being with friends, telling tales, listening to fine folk tunes and simply laughing? The Warm & Toasty Club will be having another live show at the Colchester Arts Centre on Sunday the 26th May, 2019 and tickets are available from their website. If the previous shows are anything to go by then it's going to be a day not to be missed.

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